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A Requiem for Charles Edward “Charlie” Haden with Pat Fahey, Rob McGregor & Alex Baum Friday, September 19 at 7:00pm – 10:00pm   Leave a comment

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This show is about Charles Edward Haden and his life, about creating a space for the community of those who loved him and influenced by him can come pay their respects. Charles Haden was a jazz bassist who started his life’s work in the 1950’s with Coleman Hawkins, then played with all the greats from a wide range of music for more than a generation. Charles  died last July 11. He was 76 years old. He was a huge influence to all who listened to his bass lines. He taught us to take chances, to take the listener on a journey. Naturally, I want to reflect this spirit in memory of Charles  Haden. I want to provide the SF Jazz community a space to do the same, to contribute a song, a chart, a poem, a psalm or even just silence to which the simple ensemble I have assembled can comp behind them doing an extended Charles Haden tune, First Song. We will also show the Free Speech TV interview between Amy Goodman and Charles where he tells his life story with grace and humor. The Simple Ensemble will continue the extended tune “First Song” and encourage others to help us finish the tune. We want to make Charles smile one more time.

Pat Fahey, musical director

Pat Fahey

Mandolinist Pat Fahey has performed on stage with: Cab Calloway at Veteran Memorial Hall in Berkeley (1980), for the Reagan For Shah campaign with The Plutonium Players (1980-81); with Dave Lippman (1979-82), did European CISPES Tour (1981) with Dave and Stoney Burke; at mandolin composer Rudy Cipolla’s 90th birthday concert at Great American Music Hall (1990) with Dave Grisman, Mike Marshall, Darol Anger, Czech mandolinist Radim Zenkl, and others; played lead mandolin and guitar on three US tours for Noel Redding, including (1999) Maritime Hall in SF (opening for Zero) and (2000) The House Of Blues in LA (opening for Hot Tuna); 1984-to-present with local piano great Randy Craig and bassist Richard Saunders, singer Chuck Steed; did a 1980 workshop in Berkeley, CA with Dave Rokeach, Jessica Williams and others.

Rob McGregor

Robbie MacGregor Soper studied jazz and composition at the Berklee College of Music. Moving to the Bay Area in the late 70’s, he has been playing in local clubs as a solo act, leader, writer/arranger and accompanist, playing many musical genres from jazz to funk, R & B and blues to improve trance. As a headliner or sideman, has appeared in most of the great area venues including Lou’s, the Boom Boom Room, the Sweetwater, Yoshi’s and the Great American Music Hall. Headlined three consecutive years in the New Zealand Jazz and Blues festival, including festivals in Samoa and Fiji.
Drummer Robi Bean

Robi has been a working musician for several decades, with a history of studio recording with some of the top Bay Area musicians. His stage work includes: Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks, Lisa Kindred, Harvey Mandel, Carlos Guitarlos / Marcy Levy (R&B, New Orleans Blues), Dave Spector (Chicago Blues/NAMM show), Regina Pontillo (1920’s-40’s Jazz), Green Street Marching Band, and many others.

Alex Baum

Alex is a veteran bassist who has played with many top Bay Area jazz musicians, and runs Alex Baum Recording Studios in Berkeley. He was deeply influenced by Charles Haden, even writing a piece, “Diddy For Charlie”, dedicated to Charles Haden for this show.

Art House Gallery & Cultural Center
2905 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley CA

$10.00 -$20.00 Donation
Please support the Arts!

ALL AGES and Wheelchair Accessible

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