Richard Krech Memorial and Poetry Reading Sunday November 18th 2018 Richard Krech (Berkeley Poet) October 25, 1946 – October 12, 2018

Memorial & Reading
Sunday November 18th, 2018
12 -3 pm (11 am Sign up & door)
Art House Gallery & Cultural Center
2905 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley CA 94705
info: 510-472-3170
Pot Luck- Bring food and beverages to share
Free Admission Donations to Art House Welcome

RICHARD KRECH was born in 1946, and grew up in Berkeley, California. He became involved in civil rights and anti-war activities in 1963 and started writing soon thereafter. His first book was published in 1967, by d.a. levy, in Cleveland. He published a poetry magazine, The Avalanche, which lasted five issues. Along with the The Avalanche, Krech published several chapbooks under his Undermine Press imprint and sponsored weekly poetry readings at a Telegraph Avenue bookstore in Berkeley from 1966 to 1969. His poetry appeared in various small magazines around the country including Work (from John Sinclair’s Artists Workshop Press in Detroit), Ole, Manhattan Review, City Light’s Journal for the Protection of all Beings, and Kauri. During that time, and afterwards, he wrote for the underground press, including the Berkeley Barb, the San Francisco Express Times, the Seattle Helix and other publications.
Richard stopped writing poetry in the mid-70’s and in 1976 The Incomplete Works of Richard Krech was published by Litmus Inc., and that same year Krech started law school. After graduating from New College of California School of Law, Krech has been practicing criminal defense in Oakland (a good place to practice criminal law) since 1980. His practice has included everything from murder to shoplifting as well as pro bono representation of anti-apartheid demonstrators in the 1980s, anti-war demonstrators in the 1990s and 2000s, and others similarly situated. His practice includes trial and appellate work.

After a 25+ year line-break Richard began writing poetry again early this century, and has recently had five chapbooks published and numerous appearances in the small press and on-line.

At the End of Time: The Incomplete Works of Richard Krech, Volume 2
In Chambers : The Bodhisattva of the Public Defender’s Office
Paperback – February 28, 2008
Realer than reality (July 2013) Book
* Some Global Positioning Dharma (Red Barn Press, Santa Rosa 2007)
* Rumors of Electricity (sunnyoutside press, 2006)
* Second Opinion (Bottle of Smoke, 2006)
* The Devout Man’s Late Night Prayer (Low & Outside, 2005)
* Poems for Mary’s Garden ( Press, 2005)
* The Location of the Triple Jewel Press, 2003)
* The 1932 3Af Claret Press, 2002)
* The Incomplete Works of Richard Krech; poems 1966 – 1974 (Litmus, 1976)
* Poems from the Free World (privately printed, 1972)
* Mythology for the People’s Liberation (Undermine Press, 1969)
* Poems from the Interrupted Journal (Gunrunner Press, 1969)
* The Hashish Scarab (Runcible Spoon, 1968)
* How Easily Your Mind Can Slip Off (Runcible Spoon, 1967)
* We Are On The Verge of Ecstasy (7 flowers press, 1967)


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