Insannie Frannie is an Italian singer-songwriter based in San Francisco. It is only when she meets Rex Shelverton, Rachel Hoiem and Charles Gonzalez that her sound starts to develop into a clear direction. The decision was to leave each song in its original folk state, with goth and gypsy vibes, and the deep cello of Emma Feickert. The dark sound creates a mysterious atmosphere, inspired by Bob Dylan, Mazzy Star, The Cure, Stevie Nicks, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors and Velvet Underground amongst others.Insannie’s latest EP ‘Whispers to the Universe’ was recorded and produced in San Francisco by Rex Shelverton and showcases the new goth-folk sound. Since then, the band recorded and produced a full length album that will be released before the end of the year. The album title will be “In Between Wolves”, inspired by the Italian saying “the wolf loses the fur but not the vice”, a concept that she develops in several of her songs, almost rewriting Little Red Riding Hood in an empowering key. Songs from the new album will be played on October 2nd for the first time, at the Art House Gallery in Berkeley California 2905 Shattuck Ave.

Door is 7:30 PM Show is 8pm
Admission is $15-$25 at door
Must be Masked and show proof Of Vaccination upon entry
ALL Ages Wheelchair accessible See LessEdit

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